Musical Arranger

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Arranging is the art of preparing and adapting an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form. An arrangement may include re-harmonization, paraphrasing, and/or development of a composition, so that it fully represents the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structure. In most cases arrangers are employed by symphony and chamber orchestras, bands, choirs, sound recording companies, orchestras for ballet and opera performers, or they may be self-employed. Arrangers adapt musical arrangements so that different parts can be played by different instruments. They can use computer programs, handwritten notes and instruments when working on a particular project. Arrangers are often composers and musicians themselves and as a result of these experiences, they have a better understanding of their work as arrangers, where they take other people's music, mix it up and rewrite it. Arrangers can go on to work as composers, musicians, artists, conductors and music teachers.