New staff computer accounts

Upon commencement at the University, you are assigned a unique username (known as your Uni-ID) and password to access University computers and University computer systems, providing security and accountability for each user.

As part of your appointment process, you are allocated a six digit staff number in our HR and Payroll system. This will be included in the letter sent to you by HR outlining your employment details. Your supervisor can give you your staff number on your first day, if you don't have the letter.

Your University computer accounts are controlled by NUaccess, which is the UoN's computer account management service.

There are six major steps required to get your basic accounts set up:

  1. Create your HR account
  2. Login with your Uni-ID
  3. Change your password
  4. Answer authentication questions
  5. Accept tems and conditions
  6. Set up your HROnline account

step 1

Open a web browser (you will need to access the web on your supervisor's computer, another computer already connected to the University network, or your home computer).


Login to NUaccess. Go to


Enter your 6 digit staff number and date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY).


Click Next.


Your Uni-ID (also known as your numberplate and/or username) and a generated password will be displayed.


Write these down.


Click Done.

 step 2

Login to NUaccess. Go to (you may be redirected here automatically).


Enter your Uni-ID and the generated password that you wrote down.


Click Log In.

 step 3

A default error message requiring you to change your password will appear.

3.2 You must now create a password that you will remember.
Your password must satisfy the security requirements of the University.
University password rules.

Type this password in the Password box.


Type it again in the Confirm Password box.


If your password does not meet the security requirements you will see a ‘Policy Violation’ error. Review the rules and try again.

3.6 Click Save.

A valid Uni-ID and password are required to access the common online services you will need on a day to day basis.

 step 4

You must choose and answer at least five (5) Authentication Questions from a list of 22 options.
You can answer as many as you like, as long as you can remember the answers!
If you forget your password at any time, please use our online ‘Forgotten Password’ function. You must answer 5 authentication questions to confirm your identity.


Select and answer a minimum of 5 questions.


Click Save.

You can change your answers at a later date by selecting the Authentication Questions tab from within Nuaccess at

 step 5

Acceptance of the University Computing and Communications Facilities Conditions of Use Policy is required to finish your account activation.


Click I Accept if you agree to these conditions.
(If you click I Decline you will be returned to the login screen.You will not be able to log in to any University computer or use any computer systems until you have accepted these conditions.)


A summary of your account and services will be displayed.


Click Logout to complete your account setup.

step 6

The HROnline system and its login credentials are stored separately from the computer account management service (NUaccess). This means your HROnline password can be different from your NUaccess password. For security reasons, it is recommended that your HROnline password is different. Your Username (Uni-ID) stays the same.


Login to using your Uni-ID and NUaccess password.


Once logged in, click on the Reset HROnlie Password tab.


Enter a password into the Password field.


Enter it again in the Confirm Password field.
The University password rules apply.


Click on OK.


You will receive a Success message, and confirmation of the password change will be sent to your email account.


Log out of NUaccess.

Information about using HROnline is available on the HRS website. 

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