Insurance is managed within the Risk and Assurance Services Unit of the University.

The University carefully manages its insurance policies to protect its people, assets and activities. The insurance program is renewable annually and requires substantial preparation and planning on an ongoing basis with high activity in the third quarter when submissions are prepared through to highest activity in the last quarter when the program is being negotiated with underwriters in Australia.

The responsibilities of the Insurance staff include:

  • Design, purchase, implementation and payment of premium for the University's insurance program
  • Approval of expenses associated with insurable incidents when they fall below the University's deductible/excess
  • Coordination between the University and the Insurers for claims above the University deductible
  • Tracking and monitoring of the University's Total Cost of Insurable Risk

The University of Newcastle has a number of insurance policies relating to all aspects of University life.

It is not practicable to give full and precise details of the various University insurance policies as many contain special clauses to meet the University's particular requirements. This website provides a general and broad outline of the policies held by the University.

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