Technology One

TechnologyOne is the University's finance system that is used to record all financial transactions. It is to be used by staff to raise purchase orders when buying goods or services.

TechnologyOne applies a unique 'Workplace' concept which gives the user a consistent experience for the role they are performing. Each user is provided with a set of menus and workflows that represent their business processes.

TechnologyOne Access Information

Do users need to request access, or are they automatically given access?

You will need to request access.

How do users request access?

You must submit a TechnologyOne application form to Financial Services.

Once access is granted, how do I access the application?

This quick reference guide explains the process of logging onto TechnologyOne.

I have a specific question relating to using TechnologyOne, who do I contact?

A list of frequent questions, and who to contact is located here.

Is training available?

A range of training is available for users, this includes:

Classroom Training - Financial Services run a range of courses for users of TechnologyOne. These can be booked through HR Online.