Access and Equity Advisor

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Access and Equity Advisors work for organisations, private, public and government, in order to develop and implement policies and legislations in relation to the Anti-Discrimination Act. This often involves ensuring that minority groups have access to services, that all staff and clients have equal rights and to eradicate discrimination. Tasks may involve:

  • Manage equity and diversity initiatives to ensure organisational practices promote the principles of valuing diversity for employees and the community
  • Research, develop, implement and evaluate strategic initiatives that advocate and promote equity and diversity to all levels of the organisation
  • Initiate, develop and implement strategies specific to equity groups external to the organisation - eg clients, customers
  • Participate in external committees and forums in relation to diversity issues
  • Liaise with diverse communities, organisations, media, government agencies and volunteer groups in relation to the organisation's community relations
  • Provide consultancy advice to senior management, other staff and to representatives of a wide range of communities/organisations