Applications Engineer

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An applications engineer is an advocate for a company whose job is to promote, showcase and sell products, as well as be involved in the installation and maintenance of these products on client systems. Applications engineers are not just programmers, but are required to interface with customers and showcase the power of computing. Therefore, there is a need for those in this position to have both technical and interpersonal skills. An applications engineer should be able to clearly communicate their technical expertise through product demonstrations and sales presentations.

The application engineering environment is fast-paced and demanding, as there is much competition between organisations for clients. An engineer in this field works on multiple projects at once, with tight schedules.

There are positions available as an applications engineer at entry-level, or with minimal industry experience. More senior positions involve managerial-type duties such as interacting with and managing a team of sales staff, managing materials and accounts, and working on design and issues documents and require more field experience and study.