Art Dealer

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Art dealers buy and sell art on behalf of their clients. These clients may be individuals, companies, galleries or any other party who is interested in purchasing art and wishes to be provided with professional advice on the artistic and financial value of their purchase. Art dealers may seek out a particular work identified by their client, may discuss their clients' needs and preferences and present them with options and recommendations or take consignments from artists. They often specialise in a particular area such as ceramics, glass, paintings, sculpture, clocks or books. Working in small teams, Art Dealers represent their clients in primary and secondary markets, including dealerships, auctions and private sales, establish and maintain contact networks, visit salesrooms and auction houses, deal with customers, perform accounting and administration work, source works from emerging artists, study market trends and can even carry out minor restoration work.

The position is a highly sort after one, and considerable capital is needed to get started. Art Dealers need to be highly educated in their area of expertise, and have many years of experience working in the industry. It is essential for Art Dealers to have qualifications in an art related course, especially specialising in the area of art on which they wish to focus. It would also be beneficial to have post- graduate qualifications, as well business qualifications such as an MBA.