Arts Administrator

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Arts Administrators manage artistic and cultural venues such as theatres and art galleries. The duties of arts administrators vary according to the type of cultural or artistic environment in which they are employed, the level at which they are employed and the size of the organisation. Arts administrators may work for national performing arts companies, local councils, regional community arts centres, museums, galleries, orchestras and entrepreneurial organisations such as concert and theatrical promoters, government departments and funding organisations. The number of positions available is often affected by the availability of government funding, making opportunities fluctuate.

Being a successful Arts Administer involves being competent in communicating with people from diverse backgrounds, having good management and organisation skills, working well under pressure, being able to work flexible hours, and appreciating the role the arts have in the community. Tasks may include seeking grants, preparing funds, liaising with artists, media and the community, co-ordinating art programs, exhibitions and events and, commissioning and purchasing art, providing educational services to the public, and various human resources duties.