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According to the NSW Bar Association, barristers present legal cases before the courts and at other formal hearings. They may also be involved with the provision of specialist legal advice and acting as mediators, arbitrators, referees or conciliators". Barristers have extensive legal experience and knowledge and are subject to strict regulations and standards. They are excellent orators who work closely with solicitors in designing the best way to approach their cases.

The formal qualifications necessary to become a barrister differ between states however a law degree and admission to practice as a lawyer is always the first requirement. In NSW, potential barristers must also undertake a reading course which involves training and examinations; the NSW Bar Association can provide more information about this process. Barristers work independently rather than in association with a firm and are well paid for their services. However, barristers may have additional costs that lawyers will not face such as the renting of chambers, and work may be sporadic without guaranteed caseloads or regular work hours.”