Case Worker/Manager

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Case Workers/Managers work with a variety of individuals and groups within the community, including children, adolescents and adults in an effort to bring about solutions to a diverse range of problems. Case Workers/Managers may be involved with issues such as drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation, child abuse, child support, child and adolescent anti-social behaviour, culturally and linguistically diverse families and communities, crisis accommodation, physical and mental disability. In regards to Anthropologists, Case Workers/Managers will most likely be involved with people of various cultural backgrounds. In Australia this will mean working with Indigenous Australians as well as immigrants.

Case Workers/Managers are skilled in planning, organising and analysing information and working towards a solution, they posses excellent interpersonal skills, are able to think creatively, work effectively within a multi-disciplined team, and to work well within a specified time frame.

Professionals in this field must posses a degree in Psychology, Social Work, Social Science or a related discipline and have undergone relevant work experience, such as working with young people, families or the elderly.