Chief Radiation Therapist

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Chief Radiation Therapists are qualified Radiation Therapists who have substantial experience working in the field and often have postgraduate qualifications. Chief Radiation Therapists work within Radiation Oncology departments and are responsible for the overall management and coordination of the Radiation Therapist team. Their role is to ensure the provision of a safe, efficient and effective radiotherapy service and this will include all aspects of clinical radiotherapy including planning and treatment, quality assurance, patient database systems, 3D planning system and software support.

The main objectives of the Chief Radiation Therapist:

  • To provide management and leadership to the Radiation Therapist team to ensure an efficient, accurate planning and delivery of radiotherapy treatment.
  • To provide a stimulating and challenging work environment focusing on a high standard of professional development and practice. 
  • To provide expert advice and assistance to members of the radiotherapy team.
  • To establish, maintain and develop protocols for various tasks for the radiation therapy team.
  • To work closely with other professional groups in the division, particularly within the department of Radiation Oncology in the holistic care of patients.
  • Promote and maintain a safe environment for staff, visitors and patients.

Chief Radiation Therapists will first become qualified Radiation Therapists through study of a degree in medical radiation science, along with completion of a required clinical experience placement. To then move onto a role as a Chief Radiation Therapist there will be a requirement for substantial experience and in some cases postgraduate study may be required through courses in areas such as business or health management.