Church Administrator

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Church administrators are involved in the day-to-day organisation of their church, are employed in all denominations, and are often seen as the steward for their church. Thus, some pastors require their church administrators to attend church regularly. Specific duties of a church administrator may vary from one church to another; however, there are general administration responsibilities that are commonly shared by most church administrators including:

  • running of the church office;
  • assisting the pastor of the church with administration duties and correspondence;
  • financial management – in conjunction with the church’s accountant the church administrator  manages purchases and relationships with vendors, prepares monthly financial reports, maintains the church’s cash flow. They may also be involved in preparing a budget, helping plan stewardship and capital campaigns, conducting annual audits by contracting with an accounting firm, managing payroll for church employees and filing tax reports;
  • personnel management – including developing and producing policies and benefits that comply with federal and state labour laws, maintaining records, conducting evaluation and performance reviews, recruiting and terminating staff, and producing reports to the human resources committee;
  • Property Management - some of the main components in this area are directing routine property maintenance, producing and administering policies and procedures for use of church properties, assessing the church’s insurance requirements, managing security and utility usage and conducting inventories of church equipment;
  • generation of church publications;
  • organising church volunteers.

Developing skills such as organisation, communication, teamwork, computer and administration skills is essential for a person in this role as is being able to maintain strict confidentiality. Some churches require their church administrators to gain business and/or accounting qualifications.