Clinical Nurse/Midwife Specialist

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A Clinical Nurse/Midwife Specialist is a Registered Nurse/Midwife who has undertaken study and supervised practice at the postgraduate level, within a specialty area of nursing practice. Clinical Nurse/Midwife Specialists provide advanced and complex patient care within their area of specialty and assist in managing and leading within their unit.

There are a wide range of specialty areas and these might include a specific area of practice, such as emergency wards or general practice nursing; a defined population, such as paediatrics or gerontology; or a defined service area, such as oncology or rehabilitation. For Midwives, specialty areas can include specialty roles such as a Lactation Consultant or an Antenatal Educator.

Clinical Nurse/Midwife Specialists work with an extended level of autonomy and work closely with managers and senior clinicians. As well as providing specialist clinical care, these nurses also play a role in contributing to the development of new staff, acting as a leader and mentor. Clinical Nurse/Midwife Specialists can also play a role in the development and review of hospital policies and may be involved in research within their specialty area.

This is an advanced role and does require postgraduate study and experience upon gaining qualification as Registered Nurse/Midwife.