Community Arts Worker

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Community Arts Workers help build a community, or improve the quality of life of different groups within a community, by facilitating projects and community events, with an emphasis on social, cultural and environmental issues. Their role can be creative or more administrative, but is generally to help research and develop areas of need and ideas, offer advice and support to community groups, find funding, manage community arts initiatives, produce artworks and communication materials, design and implement community and marketing strategies to ensure the project occurs, and evaluate the process to gauge success and capitalise on what has been learned and created for the community. Community Arts Workers may also be involved in co-ordinating artists and community participants in community projects, and directing staff and volunteers who may be involved in the project.

Having a specialisation in your studies may help you achieve some positions which have a more creative orientation, however, work experience is recommended, to demonstrate that you have the organisational skills required by this type of role. Aside from organisational skills, Community Art Workers need to have good research and communication skills, initiative, have the ability to develop good rapports, work individually and as part of a team, and have an understanding of relevant legislations.