Community Project Officer

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Community Project Officers are concerned with developing specific projects, often awareness building activities, establishing resources and monitoring groups, for particular populations within a community or a community as a whole. The role is very similar to a Community Development Officer, and in fact many of the tasks involved in these positions do overlap. Generally, Community Project Officers work with various communities, community agencies and services, and councils to bring about positive results for that community, whether it is an increased awareness of services available to the community, helping to integrate migrants with the general population, or promoting community events. The work may include casework, group work, developing community programs, policy and advocacy work. Community Project Officers need to develop community networks and partnerships with a wide range of service providers and cultural groups. Thus, it is important for them to have highly developed communication and networking skills, and be aware of significant issues affecting the community with which they are working. It may even be useful to have a second language when working within migrant communities.