Coordinator of Social Services

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Social Services Co-ordinators are responsible for day-to-day co-ordination of services provided to their clients. They develop strategies and programs that facilitate community participation, co-ordinate programs such as health promotion and manage budgeting for the program, identify and co-ordinate events that are appropriate for their clientele, develop joint program opportunities with other agencies including resource sharing, organise transport to and from events and volunteers, gain government funding for projects, etc. Some of their duties are similar to those of Community Development Workers but working within a niche in that community. Co-ordinators of Social Services can be employed in a variety of settings including outreach groups, retirement homes, schools, ethno-specific, multicultural and indigenous agencies, working with the disabled, government departments, local, government, not for profit organisations, and other non-government businesses. Co-ordinators of Social Services require bachelor degree qualifications in social science, psychology, lifestyle management, or other welfare related areas, as well as relevant work experience in the industry. It is often a requirement to have a current First Aid Certificate and drivers license. Social Services Co-ordinators need to have relevant knowledge and understanding of the communities with which they will be involved, be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people, have good organisation, interpersonal, administration and supervision skills, be able to resolve conflict and work as part of a team. For some positions, having a second language may be useful.