Cultural Resource Manager

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Cultural Resource Managers set plans to promote, cultivate, and manage cultural and natural resources. A Cultural Resource Manager must take into account contemporary management strategies for traditional issues and activities when considering issues such as sustainability or promotion. Tasks that are undertaken include policy and strategy development for management of resources, liaising with local communities and advocate on their behalf, implementing and co-ordinating conservation work, work with local councils to increase job sustainability, etc. These activities are utilised to conserve, protect and enhance cultural values, manage lands with cultural value, reaffirm traditional resource management, promote recognition of cultural land owners and incorporate traditional and western processes to provide beneficial outcomes for natural and cultural resource management policy and practice.

To become a Cultural Resource Manager, knowledge needs to be gained in history, conservation and land management, and Indigenous traditions, and possibly politics and policy. Qualifications can also be gained via flexible learning framework, however having a theoretical background, as well as strong communication skills, and the ability to think critically and analytically built by a university degree will enhance possibilities.