Database Administrator

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A database is a tool for collecting, organising, managing and retrieving information. Databases can store information about virtually anything, including people, orders, products, documents or images. A database adminstrator is responsible for the performance, integrity and security of database, with additional role requirements likely to include planning, development and troubleshooting.

A database administrator's position will also include the installation, control and maintenance of electronic databases. With the development of the internet and the expansion of electronic commerce, the stucture of databases has become more complex, and part of the challenge of the administrator is to design systems that enable users to easily access the stored information in a variety of useful ways.

Some of the tasks within this occupation are:

  • Configuration and maintenance of databases
  • Control of access permissions and privileges
  • Production support, software maintenance, troubleshooting and backup/recovery
  • Establish and support a monitoring syste, to maximise performance
  • Develop, manage and test backup and recovery plans
  • Occasional out of hours mainenance and upgrade work

Due to the increasing levels of hacking and the sensitive nature of data storred, security and recoverability (or 'disaster recovery') have become increasingly important aspects of this kind of work.