Development Economist

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Development Economists are concerned with protecting, supporting, and enhancing community economic development. They help to develop, implement and co-ordinate business expansion, relocation and development programs and need to have a good knowledge of local business opportunities and economic conditions, business assistance programs, economic development marketing concepts, and community economic development practices.

Some responsibilities may include maintaining knowledge of current economic development issues and trends including income rates, acting as an economic educator or facilitator for community and business members and government officials, providing assistance to existing businesses via financial aid packaging, development plans, permit/license procedures and processing and workforce training, and so on.

To become a Development Economist a minimum of a bachelor degree in business, economics, economic policy, or a related degree is essential. Often these positions require approximately three years of experience in economics or community development and some employers prefer a masters degree in the mentioned areas. Qualities of Development Economists include leadership and management skills, being driven and working to deadlines, being able to communicate to people on different levels both verbally and written, report writing skills, pay close attention to detail and possessing good computer skills.