Disability Services Officer

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Disability Services Officers assess training needs, conduct training programs and organise employment or recreation and leisure activities for people with disabilities. Service areas which are commonly specialised in include:

  • Competitive Employment - This involves placing people with disabilities in jobs, providing on-the-job training and monitoring.
  • Life Education - The main emphasis in this field is to teach people with disabilities the everyday skills to live within a community.
  • Recreation and Leisure - In this type of position the Service Officer establishes recreation and support networks, provides recreation and community orientation training.
  • Supported Employment (Integrated) - The Disability Service Officer negotiates with employers to obtain long-term employment placements, on-the-job training and continuing supervisory support.
  • Supported Sheltered Employment - This involves negotiating work contracts for small business operations, managing the business aspects of the operation and providing occupational training and support.

Each of these areas entail the Disability Service Officer being able to distinguish the needs of people with disabilities, planning, developing and monitoring education or training programs, and communicating with various members of the community.