Early Childhood Teacher / Pre-school Teacher

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Job Summary

Early Childhood Teachers teach and care for young children in the 0 to 8 years age range. They plan and conduct education programs aimed at developing growth in the areas of physical, intellectual, social and personal development. Catering for the wide range of individual needs for young people in this age group means that early childhood trained teachers may teach in early childhood centres, pre-schools and infants school settings. The broad range of activities and responsibilities include:

  • Discussing the educational and developmental needs of children with their parents and other educators
  • Planning and implementing age and ability appropriate activities for children, using a range of materials and resources designed to develop good coordination, social skills and creativity and to stimulate an interest in learning
  • Promoting children's language development and self-confidence through play, storytelling, drama, music and discussion
  • Organising excursions and guest visitors to enhance children's learning experiences
  • Observing, evaluating and recording children's progress to detect signs of developmental disorders, ill health or emotional disturbances and recommending appropriate remedial or extension programs when needed
  • Working collaboratively with families/carers, speech pathologists, psychologists and other professionals to assist children with special needs
  • Helping to integrate children with special needs into mainstream classes
  • Attending to the immediate care needs of babies and young children such as toileting and personal hygiene, feeding, providing first aid, comfort and support
  • Participating in staff meetings, parent committee meetings and community activities


Personal Qualities

A strong interest in caring for and nurturing babies and young children is essential. In addition to educational abilities, early childhood teachers need to be well organised, good problem solvers, enthusiastic, creative, energetic and patient. They also require strong communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work with a wide range of people.

Entrance Requirements

To work as an Early Childhood Teacher/Pre-school Teacher a degree in teaching is required, with a specialisation in early childhood teaching. An alternative pathway is a related degree with a postgraduate qualification in teaching, specialising in early childhood teaching. Where teaching in infants schools, teachers require registration with the appropriate state/territory teacher regulatory authority.

Principal Employment Sectors and Industry

Early Childhood/Pre-school Teachers are employed in early childhood centres, pre-schools and infants schools.