Echocardiography Technologist

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Echo technologists, also known as Echocardiac Technologists and Cardiographers, use ultrasound equipment to perform heart tests on patients. They work at hospitals, medical, radiographic and ultrasound diagnostic facilities. They interact with patients, cardiologists, primary care physicians, surgeons, nurses and electrocardiographic (EKG) technicians. A delicate touch, interpersonal skills and attention to detail are essential qualities in this medical profession.

Echo technologists perform non-invasive procedures to examine heart valves, chambers and blood vessels to produce images known as echocardiograms (ECGs). They take medical histories, explain the procedure and position patients in resting positions or upon treadmills. They provide the test results to cardiologists or prescribing physicians for interpretation.

To become a cardiac technologist you usually have to complete a university degree with a major in biophysics, physiology or exercise physiology or by completing a bachelor degree in science, applied science, health science or nursing, followed by postgraduate training in cardiac technology. Cardiac technologists performing echocardiograms also need to be accredited with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry.