Editor (Film & TV)

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Job Summary

Film and television editors assemble and edit raw footage to create a complete film or TV programme by removing unnecessary segments and determining the order of the remaining footage, taking into account the mood and pace of the intended story. The work involves close collaboration with cinematographers and sound editors and may include the following tasks

  • Working with production personnel such as directors, to discuss their vision for the film and evaluate if scenes require re-filming and selecting optimal scenes for the finished production
  • Trimming film and copying video segments to specific lengths, then arranging and joining them in sequence based on their contribution to the story
  • Importing, compiling and rendering digital video footage to enable the content to be presented with maximum effect
  • Editing and balancing music and effects in conjunction with sound effects editors, sound editors and musical directors
  • Editing and incorporating stock shots from film libraries into film or video.
  • Reviewing the completed product, making corrections to produce a rough cut for the director and producer to view and making amendments as requested to prepare the final cut.


Personal Qualities

Film and TV editors require both technical and artistic abilities. Attention to detail and creative flair are important qualities in this role as are strong interpersonal skills to work collaboratively with others. Essential qualities for film editors are patience and attention to detail since this work can be very time consuming and requires high levels of concentration, combined with an ability to remain calm in high-stress situations to deliver the product within tight timeframes.

Entrance Requirements

Skills and experience with specific editing equipment and computer programs is important in gaining work in this field. A VET qualification or a degree in media production, creative arts, film and television or a related discipline will greatly enhance employment prospects. To expand ongoing career opportunities you can undergo training under the Screen and Media Training Package.

Principal Employment Sectors and Industry

Film and Television Editors work for film and television production companies, television stations and video production houses, as well as freelance.