Emergency Nurse Specialist

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Emergency Nurse Specialists work in accident and emergency departments and attend to a range of trauma and other extreme situations requiring medical intervention. As a part of a dynamic team, an emergency nurse must be multi-skilled, quick thinking, and will be constantly rewarded for their efforts in many challenging situations.

In a typical day, an Emergency Nurse could be responsible for resuscitating patients, triaging and treating less urgent patients, providing care and treatment of their injuries or illnesses and providing the evaluation and support needed for a patient to return home. Emergency Nurses can be members of disaster teams carrying out rescues or assisting at the scene of a major car accident or disaster.

An Emergency Nurse needs to act with a high degree of autonomy and have the ability to initiate treatment with limited direction while at the same time educating and supporting the patient and their family. Usually completion of a postgraduate program in Emergency Nursing will be required for this line of work, along with previous experience.