Engineering Surveyor

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An engineering surveyor charts out routes for railways, roads, bridges, pipelines, canals, sewers and tunnels and makes detailed surveys of airports, dam, power stations, multistorey buildings and other engineering projects.

Engineering surveyors are involved with each stage of a project - from design and estimating, to setting out and construction. After completion, they monitor the condition and performance of installations. Using a range of computer-based instruments and utilising their knowledge of the geography of a region, engineering surveyors are responsible for investigating land in order to decide the best possible location for a project. Plans are then produced and the site is 'set out', so that the project is built on the right spot and at the right size.

Engineering Surveyors may perform the following tasks:

  • discuss specific project requirements with clients, engineers and contractors;
  • measure small an large scale distances, angles, elevations, depths, etc as required by the the project;
  • gather data on the earth's physical and man-made features through surveys;
  • monitor the project throughout construction;
  • record the final position of project;
  • provide control points from which the structure can be monitored for movement and other variations