Environmental Officer/Analyst/Consultant

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The focus of professionals in this field depends largely on the type of organisation in which they are employed, though typical tasks may involve:

  • Designing and conducting environmental research
  • Organising and facilitating community education and action groups
  • Helping develop environmental policy and investigating and reporting on breaches
  • Providing information on specific long and short term environmental issues
  • Advising on environmental impact, pollution, regeneration strategies, environmental disasters, potential risks and conservation strategies

Essentially, this is a career that utilises scientific knowledge, procedures and practice to support planning and strategy in regards to environmental issues. Entry-level positions in this field are possible with bachelor degrees and may lead to advancement into environmental management and consulting roles. Employment opportunities exist in local, state and federal government, in research bodies, conservation agencies, resource and engineering organisations and dedicated environmental consultancies.

Typically, officer positions are entry level and involve a degree of administrative work and assisting colleagues, analysts typically have more independence and perform more practical tasks while consultants are often senior roles with an organisational and client service focus.