Financial Dealer and Broker

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Financial Dealers and Brokers, also known as Finance Brokers or Investment Advisors, conduct financial market transactions such as buying and selling securities, and offer financial advice to clients. They are responsible for gathering information on securities, market conditions, government regulations and financial circumstances of clients in order to develop lists of appropriate investments for clients and plan buying and selling activities for them. They also deal in the marketplace on behalf of their clients, record and give buy and sell orders and calculate and record costs of transactions. Financial Dealers and Brokers need to have good analytical, communication and computer skills, be able to think mathematically and make accurate calculations quickly, work independently and under pressure.

Specialisations within this field include commodities trading, financial market dealing, financial planning and stock broking. With further study it is possible to work as an investment banker or merchant banker. Having a degree in commerce, economics, accounting, finance or actuarial studies may be enough to gain entry into this profession; however, chances will be greatly improved in this competitive industry if you gain a double degree combining these courses with a related course, law, or economic policy. Employment can usually be found in stockbroking firms, financial planning organisations, banks, building societies, accounting and law practices and other finance and investment companies. To work as a Financial Dealer or Broker it is necessary to gain membership with a professional organisation. Information in regards to memberships can be located on the Financial Planning Association or Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA) websites.