Furniture Designer

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Furniture designers are involved in the creation of movable objects and articles that make it suitable or comfortable for living and working. The items are considered to be non-permanent attachments that provide support for the human body, provide storage and/or are required for a particular function, situation or setting. They are designed for manufacture with consideration to human usage and behaviour, product appeal and fashion.

Furniture designers may work as part of a product development team, where they oversee the overall structure and appearance, with other specialists such as mechanical engineers and upholsters working on the mechanical mechanisms and fabric construction patterns of the finished product. On the other hand, furniture designers may also find themselves exploring unique one-off styles of furnishings for a particular architectural project.

There is a close relationship with fashion and as such is constantly changing making it uniquely different to other product design areas.

Furniture designers may perform the following tasks:

  • Explore solutions to meet market , manufacturing and financial requirements
  • Consider both functional and aesthetic aspects with particular attention to ergonomics
  • Prepare drawings, illustrations, models and prototypes to demonstrate and test furniture
  • Select components and materials
  • Resolve manufacturing details, and assembly in production process
  • Organise and oversee production
  • Adjust and refine design as required