International Aid/Development Worker

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International aid and development workers focus on improving the lives of people and communities in the developing world through enabling poor communities to create sustainable and economically viable livelihoods.

Many work in the planning, implementation and/or evaluation of long-term development projects in fields such as education, sanitation, health, urban/rural/small business development, and agriculture. The projects may be involved in building, upgrading or expanding facilities and infrastructure that support the provision of these services.

Other projects are short-term, such as disaster relief in response to humanitarian or environmental crises, and may call for highly specific skills and experience (e.g. engineering, construction, health or logistics)

An international aid worker's job content varies according to seniority, organisation and location of the role but may typically perform the following tasks:

  • Research to determine needs and possible solutions with the available resources
  • Undertake feasibility studies, develop strategic plans to implement project, draft project proposals, and secure project funding
  • Manage and allocate resources in line with functional, schedule, budget and quality requirements
  • Manage staff and volunteers that constitute a project team
  • Encourage capacity building through developing relationships with partner organisations, other non-governmental agencies (NGOs) and public bodies
  • Evaluate and respond adequately to unsafe situations through development of risk management systems
  • Lobbying and advocacy to present the needs of poor communities to donors, governments and the public