Maintenance Engineer

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Maintenance engineering plays a very important role in the efficiency, development and progress of manufacturing/processing industries. Maintenance engineers work with other professionals, such as manufacturing systems engineers and production managers, to enhance production facilities, moderate the occurrence of costly breakdowns, and create strategies to improve overall reliability and safety of a factory or plant.

Maintenance engineers may also be called upon to develop plant asset care policies, which involves liaising closely with suppliers, customers, senior managers, and other departments.

Chemical Engineering

A maintenance chemical engineer usually plans the routine maintenance of a chemical/nuclear plant, its equipment and its machinery. This position can involve increasing the capacity of the processes within the plant, or can be more routine maintenance - or a combination of both. Some tasks in the chemical engineer maintenance field include providing support on equipment specification, initiating and implementing equipment reliability programs and providing direction and technical support on processing equipment (such as pumps, piping and rotating processing equipment).

Civil Engineering

Civil maintenance engineers conduct maintenance works across a wide range of infrastructure, including roads, buildings, and bridges. They monitor the ongoing performance of civil works, and undertake investigations to determine where maintenance and repair may be required. Maintenance civil engineers also perform health and safety checks and ensure that project sites meet environmental legislation. More experienced professionals often liaise with government agencies in policy development. Positions in this field typically require an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, in addition to three or more years relevant work experience in the field.

Computer/Software Engineering

Computer/software maintenance can be a single role, or part of a computer programmer or test engineer position. A maintenance engineer in this field would establish a maintenance program that provides systems administration and operations and maintenance support to all networks. In the Software Engineering field a maintenance engineer would manage, monitor and optimise dispersed network systems for a company or organisation, and would usually work as a part of a computer programming/design team. In a Computer Engineering field, a maintenance engineer would work with more hardware-based materials in test and repair.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical maintenance engineers play a vital role in the efficiency and safety of manufacturing and processing industries. They are often employed by large manufacturing or electrical plants to perform routine maintenance of electrical systems, attend breakdowns, diagnose faults, and oversee repairs of equipment and machinery. In modern plants, maintenance engineers frequently use computerised systems to check for electrical equipment in need of repair. Additionally, they may be involved in manual fitting and technical calibration. Maintenance engineers often collaborate with technicians and plant operators when performing repairs. They require strong communication skills, good problem solving abilities, and knowledge of a variety of electrical systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical maintenance engineers are employed by a wide range of manufacturing and processing plants to ensure the reliability and safety of mechanical equipment. Specifically, they are responsible for designing maintenance schedules, diagnosing breakdowns, directing tradespeople in the performance of necessary repairs, and managing any associated budgets. Mechanical maintenance engineers make recommendations to improve the integrity of equipment and components, and aim to establish preventative maintenance strategies to reduce manufacturing/processing costs and avoid occupational health incidents. Positions in this field typically require an undergraduate qualification in mechanical engineering, in addition to three or more years experience with relevant mechanical equipment.

Telecommunications Engineering

Telecommunications maintenance engineers conduct maintenance work on systems varying from fire alarm networks to power supply and telecommunications units (such as telephone and internet systems). They can be employed at a large-scale data facility, or bei n amore of a contractor/consultancy role maintaining many different systems.

Positions in this field generally require a Bachelor of Electronics or Telecommunications, with three or more years of experience with telecommunications equipment.