Media Planner

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A media Planner is a specialisation that can be undertaken in the advertising sector. Media Planners are responsible for organising and purchasing space on television, radio, outdoor advertising and in magazines and newspapers; researching and developing media plans, identifying target audiences and media outlets in order to maximise their clients' advertising campaigns. They liaise between clients, the creative team and sellers of advertising space, recommend media mixes and frequency in accordance to advertising budgets and undertake research into specialist areas.

Media Planners need a bachelor degree with a focus on marketing, communication and media studies, psychology, social science, business management or advertising. Experience in the field is highly regarded when applying for positions as the industry is becoming increasingly specialised. Media agencies, new media agencies and full service agencies typically employ Media Planners. Media Planners need to be innovative, have good judgement and attention to detail, be able to work well under high amounts of pressure, have excellent analytical, organisational, communication, interpersonal or customer service, time management and computer skills and a strong and genuine interest in media and advertising.