Native Title Consultant

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Native Title Consultants are experts in native title and cultural heritage matters. Experiences in this area of vocation may include analysing indigenous social and cultural formations in regards to applications of native title, assessment of claims to country in the matters of overlapping native title claims, and reviewing State guidelines.

Native Title Consultants can work with companies that consult for mining projects, and other development companies to ensure that these companies abide by and work within the guidelines set by the Native Title Act (1993). Within this type of industry Consultants will utilise their knowledge and skills on areas including: cultural heritage compliance, duty of care assessments, independent archaeological surveys, cultural heritage management plans, cultural heritage mapping, native title and cultural heritage agreement negotiation, native title compliance and tenure applications, native title mapping, and native title and cultural heritage compliance workshops.

Strong transferable skills such as communicating with a variety of people in various occupations, and cultures, and analytical skills to research and perform surveys, as well as a strong knowledge of relevant legalities are essential.