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Photographers use various artistic and technical techniques to capture and produce images. Their work may take any of a variety of contexts such as commercial, fashion, portrait, advertising or art. Photographers sometimes work freelance or run their own businesses, others are able to gain employment with creative agencies or studios - though these roles are often limited and very competitive. It is also not uncommon for photographers to supplement their income with other employment - related opportunities exist in commercial photo labs, photographic equipment sales and art galleries. Creativity and artistic ability are extremely important for photographers, though study may assist in developing techniques and expanding theoretical knowledge.

Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photographers are specialists in the field of photography. Wildlife photographers travel the world in search of their ideal subjects and find animals in their natural habitats.

One of the essential requirements for a career in wildlife photography is excellent photography skills. Wildlife photographers must be proficient in several shooting styles for capturing animals at night as well as during the day and also taking pictures in different conditions, for instance underwater. Because they work in the field, they need additional tools to keep their cameras and lenses protected from the elements and to clean or repair any damage quickly. Since wildlife photographers may spend many days in the field, they need to be proficient at managing environmental issues like intense heat or cold, lack of available food and dangerous plants and animals.

Successful wildlife photographers have a keen eye and sense of composition, along with the technical knowledge to use cameras and lenses properly and creatively. Wildlife photographers must also have extensive knowledge of editing and printing for presentation. A portfolio of images is an important requirement for a wildlife photographer, especially during the early stages of their careers. A photographer's portfolio is the single best indication of his or her ability and talent. Wildlife photographers may need to self-finance photo expeditions just to develop a portfolio of images they can then use to get a paying job. Over time, a photographer's portfolio will increase in size and range, opening more job opportunities.