Primary Products Inspector

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Primary products inspectors examine animals, plants and agricultural produce at farms, abattoirs, processing and packing plants, wholesale markets and places of storage or shipment to make sure that they meet export requirements and government standards of hygiene and quality. 

Primary products inspectors may perform the following tasks:

  • check produce, live animals and crops for disease, insect or chemical residue and other damage, and reject those of substandard quality
  • check and grade produce (e.g. meat, fruit, vegetables, milk, grains, sugar cane and fish) during processing, making sure that ingredients used in processing meet government standards of purity and grading
  • supervise fumigation of ships and aircraft
  • check on the proper disposal of quarantine garbage
  • examine imported plants, animals and products (e.g. timber, seeds, dried fruits) and make quarantine arrangements
  • make sure that commercial fishing regulations are obeyed
  • inspect livestock before and after slaughter to check that they are fit for human consumption
  • advise on packing and loading regulations
  • advise primary producers on economic aspects of disease eradication, and inform producers and the general public of health implications of diseases and impurities
  • appear in court to give evidence in cases involving breaches of the regulations