Public Health Medicine Specialist

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Public Health specialists are primarily concerned with health and care of populations, such as the promotion of health, prevention of disease and illness, the assessment of a community’s health and needs, and the provision of services to communities in general and to specific groups within them. It is a diverse and dynamic field geared towards serving local, national and international communities.

Public Health Medicine offers a wide range of job opportunities including work in epidemiology, academia, government departments, non-government organisations or area health services. Working as a Public Health Medicine Specialist includes investigating and responding to outbreaks, undertaking environmental health projects, managing large multidisciplinary teams and advocating on public health issues and contributing to policy development at a state-wide level.

To specialise in Public Health, you need to be a qualified doctor, having completed a degree and medicine and mandatory residency period. The training to then specialise in Public Health Medicine is a three year program from the The Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM) which provides trainees with experience in the practise of Public Health Medicine in an appropriately supervised and supported environment. Applicants must independently secure a public health medicine position of employment and then apply to the Faculty to undertake their training program in that position.