Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

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Rehabilitation Medicine involves the prevention and reduction of functional loss, activity limitation and participation restriction arising from impairments; the management of disability in physical, psychosocial and vocational dimensions; and the improvement of loss of function. While these aspects of medicine are the responsibility of all Medical Practitioners, patients with disabilities will often be referred to Rehabilitation Physicians, who have the necessary training and experience to provide specialist knowledge and expertise in the prevention, assessment, management and medical supervision of patients with a broad range of congential and acquired disorders that affect the day to day functioning of any patient until that person has attained an optimal level of performance or quality of life.

To become a qualified specialist as a Rehabilitation Practitioner you must first complete a degree in medicine and undertake professional development years upon completion of the degree. There is then a requirement to complete the training program sanctioned by The Australian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. The AFRM training programs are based on the apprenticeship model and consist of three years - Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine - or four years - Rehabilitation Medicine (general) - of clinical training, as well as an integrated component of formal education, which includes the completion of a series of training modules.