Resource and Regulatory Compliance Manager

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Resource and regulatory compliance managers work across a broad range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, agriculture, and commercial/manufacturing companies. They perform two main tasks within an organisation:

  1. Overseeing and managing compliance with relevant state and federal regulations within an organisation. For example, ensuring that an agricultural and foods processing company (and its employees) are complying with hygiene, animal welfare, and environmental policies. This may include the design and implementation of internal controls, policies, and training procedures; investigating compliance and quality issues; and reporting to regulatory bodies (for example, Standards Australia).
  2. Managing and deploying an organisation's resources when needed in an effective and efficient manner. These may include information technologies (IT), human resources, financial resources, and production resources. Resource and regulatory compliance managers work within an organisation to maximise resource efficiency and reduce expenditure. They may identify an organisation's staffing, educational, infrastructural, or IT requirements, and allocate necessary resources to various projects or teams.

Resource and regulatory compliance managers typically require an undergraduate bachelor's degree in economics, business management, human resource management, civil/environmental engineering, or related fields. Depending on the size and type of organisation, postgraduate qualifications and/or extensive experience in the field may be required.