Special Effects Technician/Developer/Visual Effects Technician/Developer

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Visual, or special, effects technicians create various types of illusions for television commercials and shows, movies and theatre productions.  Their work results in explosions, crashes, monsters, rain and other interesting aspects of shows and films.  These professionals must meet a wide range of training and skills requirements to succeed in this field.

Special effects technicians first meet with producers and directors in the preproduction phase of a film or show to discuss the vision of the piece.  They then might spend hours on digital animation computer programs creating interesting effects and might create artistic samples of their ideas.  They also can specialise in genres such as claymation or traditional areas such as makeup and hair design in which they can make an actor look younger or older.  These professionals additionally work with stunt coordinators to create dangerous scenes such as fires or gun battles in a specialty area known as pyrotechnics.  The goal of all special effects technicians is to make sure their special effects look as real as possible.

With the world of entertainment growing bigger by the day, the demand for visually stunning effects are also growing.  Visual effects are often involved with the integration of live-action footage with computer generated imagery (CGI).  This will result in a realistic look but otherwise dangerous to do in real life.