Sports Physiotherapist

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Job Summary

Sports Physiotherapists help athletes reach their maximum potential by contributing to their physical training, assessing and treating injuries, educating athletes to prevent and minimize injuries. They may work as part of a team comprising coaching staff and other health professionals performing duties such as:

  • Assessing the severity of injuries
  • Planning treatment programmes in conjunctions with other health professionals
  • Treating injuries using manipulation, heat treatment, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and massage
  • Maintaining comprehensive records of treatments and progress


Personal Qualities

Sports physiotherapists should have a genuine interest in sport and assisting sportspeople achieve their potential. Due to the physical nature of the work including transporting and setting up equipment, physiotherapists need to have a high level of physical fitness. They require well developed interpersonal and communication skills, and problem solving skills to develop good working relationships with coaches and sportspeople to coordinate treatment and facilitate rapid recovery from injury. They also need to be able to remain calm under pressure and make accurate predictions of recovery times and when athletes can return to participation in sport.

Entrance Requirements

Physiotherapists must complete an accredited degree in physiotherapy and register with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. Becoming a Sports Physiotherapist requires  a postgraduate degree in sports physiotherapy as well as expertise and experience.


Sports Physiotherapists can specialise in a particular sport or in a particular aspect of physiotherapy, such as rehabilitation.

Principal Employment Sectors and Indusry

Sports Physiotherapists work for sport bodies/institutes/clubs/teams. They can also work in gyms/sports and health centres or clinics or in private practice.