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Statisticians apply statistical techniques in order to collect and analyse data in order to produce informative reports for a variety of fields, such as science, technology, medicine and business. They may complete the following tasks:

  • Define what is to be measured and decide where to begin collecting relevant data.
  • Determine sample sizes.
  • Determine the most appropriate form of data collection (for example telephone survey, mail-out questionnaire, field experiment).
  • Analyse and interpret the data in order to answer specific research questions and observe trends and patterns.
  • Use statistical information to forecast trends in a variety of fields such as finance, economics, pollution and disease.
  • Represent the research findings graphically and meaningfully.

Statisticians must possess strong skills in analysis and research, have well developed mathematical skills, be able to effectively use a variety of statistical software packages, have strong communication skills and be able to work effectively in teams Tertiary qualifications in a field requiring statistical skills (such as Psychology) are often required to gain a job as a Statistician. A postgraduate degree in Mathematics or Statistics is also often required.