Tourism Manager

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Tourism Managers promote tourism in their region through advertising campaigns and strategies, and provide assistance to tourists.

A Tourism Manager may perform the following tasks:

  • manage a tourism information centre - including business management, staff supervision and development, office systems and the provision of services
  • act as the executive officer for the local tourism committee
  • make sure services are in place to respond to day-to-day tourism enquiries
  • check and regularly report to management on the status of the tourism marketing budget
  • give presentations on tourism awareness or new initiatives, on behalf of the employers, to industry, community or interest groups
  • contribute to the planning, development and implementation of tourism marketing strategies
  • liaise and build close relationships with the media to promote tourism issues, and encourage community involvement and awareness.

Tourism managers are employed in a wide range of agencies in the tourism and hospitality industry, in private and government organisations involved in tourism promotion, planning and development and at holiday destinations such as game farms, guest houses, holiday resorts, caravan parks, hotels, entertainment places etc. Even though there has been growth in this industry, it is still very competitive to gain employment, with experience being essential. Tourism Managers need to be able to work with tourists from all over the world, and be able to attract people to make return visits, thus requiring them to be friendly, creative, dynamic, have good communication and organisation skills, etc. Although not essential, postgraduate study such as a Masters of Marketing often gives graduates the edge in this highly competitive industry