Tourist Information Officer

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Tourist Information Officers are located in tourist information centres and are responsible for helping holiday makers make the right accommodation and tour choices. They are the front line officers in tourism matters, they promote tourist attractions and provide information and reservation services for sightseeing, travel, as well as accommodation and tours, and assess tourist opportunities for local communities. Other duties required of Tourist Information Officers include answering questions and making suggestions in regards to tourism face-to-face or over the phone, providing literature on areas of interest, maintaining literature stocks, selling merchandise, discussing costing with customers, and arranging bookings, and preparing statistics on customers. Tourist Information Officers need tact, diplomacy and great interpersonal, communication and organisational skills and enjoy working with people; sometimes a second language is also beneficial.

There is a strong focus on marketing in this position and with a degree it is possible to gain marketing and management positions within the tourism industry. Gaining work experience in the retail industry is also useful for acquiring employment. Once in the profession Tourist Information Officers are required to perform ongoing training, including familiarising themselves with various sectors of the industry.