Transport Geographer

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Job Summary

Transport Geography is a specialist field that considers the economic, social, environmental, planning and policy issues surrounding transport systems. Geographers in this field evaluate and plan transport infrastructure, often in collaboration with urban and regional planners through tasks that may include:

  • Network analysis to study the forms and structures of transport networks and how these change over time.
  • Analysing transport and land use interactions including the social, economic an environmental impacts
  • Developing models to define geographical boundaries or the location of new developments
  • Analysing transport data, forecasting future transport needs and producing reports integral to the development of transport plans and policies


Personal Qualities

Transport Geographers should have a genuine interest in transport issues and a commitment to ongoing professional development. Due to the technical nature of the work Transport Geographers need to have well developed research, problem solving and qualitative and quantitative analytical skills. Time management and project management skills are essential to deliver projects within agreed timeframes and budgets. Skills in presenting information, listening and negotiating and report writing, as well as the ability to work effectively as part of a team, are also integral to the role.

Entrance Requirements

An Undergraduate degree or Postgraduate study in transport planning, geography or human geography, civil engineering, environmental science or economics is required to work as a Transport Geographer. Previous work experience and a willingness to travel may be necessary for employment. Employment opportunities in this field are broadened by expertise in related fields.

Principal Employment Sectors and Industry

Transport Geographers work for transport consultancy companies, government planning departments at all level, universities, private logistical and environmental consultancies, not-for-profit and international agencies.