Travel Writer

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Job Summary

Travel Writers travel to different destinations and write about and photograph their experiences. Their work may be published in newspapers, magazines and websites or may contribute to guide books designed for others traveling to the area. Travel Writers may have a particular angle from which they write, for example they may be interested in food or architecture and make this the focus of their work. Alternatively, travel writers may review and critique their trips, commenting on the quality or standards of accommodation and service. Some of the components of the work include:

  • Spending sufficient time in each destination to gain a deeper knowledge of the attractions, culture and people. They need to interact with local people and have genuine experiences to write about
  • Researching destinations, travel options, accommodation, restaurants and cultural attractions to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date
  • Targeting the information presented and the writing style to the expected audience
  • Blending personal observations and experiences with useful factual information


Personal Qualities

Travel writers must have a passion for travelling to new destinations, be adventurous, observant and have excellent written communication skills to write about destinations including major sites of interest, culture and history. The ability to use descriptive language to document experiences in a holistic way by including sights, sounds, smells and tastes is particularly important. They need to have well developed research and organisational skills. Travel writers must be physically fit to cope with the rigours of exploring destinations and participating in activities that tourists may be interested in experiencing. They also need to have the ability to convince editors to publish their work if they work on a freelance basis and to be persistent and resilient.

Entrance Requirements

Travel writers are usually journalists or writers who have chosen to specialise, though anyone with excellent written communication skills and creativity may be equipped for this career. Studies in sociology, anthropology, international affairs and cultural studies may also be useful. Travel writing is a niche area, where employment opportunities are competitive and freelancing is common.

Principal Employment Sectors and Industry

Travel Writers work for specialist publishing companies, magazines, newspapers, etc. They may also work freelance.