The University's crest and emblem

Development of our new crest and emblem.

Since 1965, the University emblem has been a seahorse. It has always had huge loyalty with our alumni, staff and the local community.

The original symbol was a mythical seahorse, based on the naval coat of arms of Lieutenant John Shortland, the first official European discoverer of Newcastle.

Today, our seahorse is bolder and more contemporary in design. It reflects our heritage and the history of Newcastle and it looks ahead, recognising our status as one of Australia's most forward-looking Universities.

Look closely and you will see both the shape of the horse's head and the waves of the sea. It's strong, it's distinctive and it helps our identity make greater impact. It's firmly within the tradition of university and academic visual language.

Our seahorse is an iconic symbol that represents our stature and credibility as an academic institution.