Recommended media standards


The preferred image format is JPG, with a resolution of 72dpi (screen resolution not print resolution). Images should be under 100KB to help with loading times on the web.

Slideshow images

("Banner" at top of page)

Required dimensions:

  • 560 pixels in width
  • 188 pixels in height

Gallery images

The gallery component requires both a primary image and a thumbnail for each item displayed.

a) Primary (larger) image

Recommended dimensions:
Portrait images

  • Maximum of 600 pixels in height;
  • Equivalent width dimension

Landscape images

  • Maximum of 700 pixels in width
  • Equivalent height dimension

b) Thumbnail image

Recommended dimensions:

  • Maximum of 100 pixels in height;
  • Maximum of 100 pixels in width
(Thumbnails do not need to be square.)

Sidebar images

(Images on the right-hand side of the page)

Recommended dimensions:

  • Maximum of 178 pixels in width;
  • No limit on height
(Please note that sidebar images do not require a border, as this is added in automatically by the web style sheets.)


Recommendations are below - please contact the Web Team if you have any queries. For videos of more than 100MB, please contact Web Services to discuss optimisation and compression options prior to uploading to the web.

  • Codec (ie format): H264 or FLV (Flash Video)
  • Container format: Quicktime, mp4, avi
  • Sound format: mp3, aac
  • Bitrate: recommended maximum of 1 megabit/sec
  • Dimensions: recommended maximum width of 560 pixels
  • File size: recommended maximum of 100MB - contact Web Services if your file is larger than this size


Sound format: mp3, aac
Bitrate: recommended maximum of 128 kilobits/sec

For a hard copy of these recommendations, please download Recommended Media Standards Guide (PDF, 56KB)