The homepage slideshow element allows for an alternating set of slide images to be displayed on the University's primary entry point,

Slideshows on the University homepage are generally used to:

  • Promote current marketing and student recruitment campaigns;
  • Promote offical News/media releases;
  • Promote the achievements of the University to an external audience.

Requesting a slide

Before requesting a homepage slide, you should consider the following:

1. Relevance

Consider the relevance of your slide on the University homepage. Is it something that appeals to a wide audience, or is it intended for a specific target audience such as staff or alumni?

Provided below are some examples of relevant slides for the homepage:

  • Research discoveries;
  • Launch of new building or facility;
  • High profile student events (Admissions, Graduation, Open Day and Recruitments);
  • Historical rememberance.

Some examples of slides not relevant for the homepage:

  • Public lectures, seminars and performances - these can be listed under events;
  • Staff announcements;
  • Internally targeted news/events;
  • Affiliate entities;
  • Linking to external sites.

The homepage slideshow is a very popular means of promotion and communication, so is therefore in high demand. At some stages throughout the year, the homepage experiences 'peak seasons' for slideshow requests. During these times, vacancy for slides positions are limited. Please note that if your slide request is refused on one of these occasions, the Web Team can provide alternative options for your promotion. New slides can usually be added to other slideshows eg Students (which also covers Current and New Students pages) or Staff. You can also contact other Web Publishers directly and request your slide be added to their slideshow.

2. Duration

The homepage caters for up to six slides on any one occasion. The duration of slides on the homepage is for a maximum of 2 weeks.

The homepage slideshow operates on a randomized positioning algorithm that places the slides in a different order on each individual page load. As a result, Web Team cannot guarantee all slides will be viewed by the end user on a single page view.

While the Web Team is responsible for the coordination and branding of the University slides, all homepage slides are subject to approval by the Director, Marketing and Public Relations. Once approved, the Web team will place the slide on the homepage and remove it upon the approved dates specified. In special cases, the Director, Marketing and Public Relations can give approval for promotions to appear on the homepage slideshow for longer than 2 weeks, but the artwork for the slide needs to change every 2 weeks.

3. Design

Finally, consider the design of your slide. The University maintains strict guidelines on compliance with the approved University brand. This means that branding font, colours, images etc must be adhered to in the design of all slides. For more information, please visit 'About our new brand' or contact the Web Team. There are two types of slides to choose from: text-based slides and custom slides.

Choose your slide

Text-based slides

Text-based slides incorporate 2-4 short lines of coloured text on a single-colour contrast background. Please note that staff currently using the new web publishing system may use a template to create text-based slides. Please note that text-based slides are still subject to checking and approval. Please see example below.

Custom slides

Custom slides incorporate both coloured-text lines and a University-endorsed image. Please contact the Web Team to arrange a design. Please see example below.

Please note all slide requests must include a URL which should link off to a pre-existing University web page that allows users to find more information. Please consider this before contacting the Web Team with your slide request.

If you would like Web Services to create a slide for you, you will need to complete the slide request form. Please allow 2 weeks lead time.