Website statistics and analytics

As your website grows and changes, it can often be useful to evaluate how the site is performing. What's working well? What might need tweaking or removing? One way to assess this is through statistical tracking of page hits, visitor trends and content popularity, which can provide crucial information about how users interact with your site.

The Web Services team can provide you with regular analytics on your website in one of the following ways:

  • Monthly reports. Once a month we can email you an easy-to-read summary of page hits for your site, which gives a good breakdown of which pages are performing well and which ones aren't getting many hits at all.
  • Self-service access for custom reports. We can give you access to our analytics package, Google Analytics, where you can generate your own reports using custom parameters.

Interested in subscribing to either of these services? Email the Web Services team with a request to start receiving these statistics, and we'll set up the appropriate service for you. If you are unsure about receiving monthly reports, you can also ask us to generate a one-off sample report for your site.