Electronic Records Management Guideline

Document Number000053

We've developed a checklist to help you manage your email messages in line with NSW legislation and University Policy. This document outlines the appropriate procedures for storage, retrieval and deletion of your email messages.

Does this message grant some kind of approval under delegated authority?
If yes, you should print the message, have it signed by the authorising officer and file appropriately. All such messages should indicate where a signed copy will be filed.

Does this message:

  • Signify a change in policy?
  • Create a precedent?
  • Relate to the substantive business of the work unit, section or university?
  • Include legal advice?
  • Involve negotiations on behalf of the University?

If yes, the message must be retained and appropriately captured into a recordkeeping/filing system. For central administration print and send to the Records Management Office.

Does this message:

  • Constitute formal communication between officers?
  • Initiate, continue or complete a departmental activity?

If yes, print and file in your work unit or send to the Records Management Office for central administration

Does this message have continuing value for others in the work unit?
If yes, print and file in the work unit.

Does anyone external to your work unit need to be aware of or refer to this message in the future?
If yes, print and send to the Records Management Office.

Are there other messages on this matter (answers and responses, prior messages)?
If yes, evaluate them together

Does this message:

  • Hold information value only? (eg an information copy)
  • Comprise draft information leading to a final version?
  • Hold short term facilitative value only? (eg arranging a meeting)
  • Already exist in a filing or recordkeeping system?

If yes, delete the message.

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