Rules Governing Establishment of Faculties and Other Bodies (Excluding Schools)

Document Number000109
Date Approved10 May 2002
  1. The Council may establish and disestablish within the University such Faculties, Colleges or other similar entities for administration, teaching and research as it may determine from time to time.
  2. The Council may determine from time to time the constitution and administrative arrangements for any such Faculties, Colleges or other similar entities.
  3. The establishment and administration of Schools shall continue to be governed in accordance with Rule 1.5 - Rules Governing Schools and Use of the Title “Dean”.

Related Information

Approval AuthorityCouncil
Date Approved10 May 2002
Date Promulgated13 May 2002
Policy SponsorUniversity Secretary
Policy OwnerVice-Chancellor
Policy ContactDeputy Academic Registrar, Governance and Academic Administration
Amendment History

First Approved: 18 August 2000

Amended: 10 May 2002